Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin into a family with strong and rich gospel music roots, artist Lavelle Gill could not escape the circle that is the love of all aspects of music.

Lavelle is a singer/songwriter that uses his musical influences to create a unique sound that echoes the musical greats. Lavelle has several tiers of musical influences including the incomparable André Crouch, Commissioned and the legendary Earth Wind and Fire (to name a few). As a result, his music features traditional gospel with infusions of funk, jazz and go-go elements.

After writing and arranging for other artists within the Midwest, Lavelle finally decided to combine his talents and release his own body of work. Released in December 2015, his debut EP – The Great Unfolding – boasts sounds inspired by all of his musical influences. It is a mix of worship songs and sounds for you to groove to. The project is currently in the promotional phase and Lavelle ultimately plans to tour to share his sounds with the nation and eventually the world…

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"From the heart of a man bent towards God,
one song can change the world."
Lavelle Gill


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The debut EP titled “The Great Unfolding” got its name from the year’s theme in 2015 for me personally.

From the rugged, urban praise anthem and it’s remix “No Good Thing”, to the jazzy smooth and worshipful ballad “Holy Spirit”.

The response has been very well received as people from Denmark, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, and Mexico have these songs in their daily streaming rotation.

Buy “The Great Unfolding” and add it to your music library. Hidden treasures are sure to be found along this melodic journey.

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